3 reasons to prepare and file your taxes electronically

Last year, 2 out of 3 tax returns were filed electronically. Was yours? If not, here are three important reasons to e-file your return.

  • It’s fast: Your tax return will get processed more quickly if you use e-file. If there is an error on your return, it will typically be identified and can be corrected right away. If you choose to file your refund claims electronically, you will have it processed quickly. Paper filing takes approx 45 days to process the return.
  • It’s safe: Extension Tax is fully committed to protecting your tax information and e-filed returns are protected by the latest technology. In 20 years, nearly 800 million e-filed returns have been processed safely and securely by the IRS. Paper filing goes through many eyes-not safe.
  • It’s time: You will know the acceptance of your return by IRS in minutes. It is quick. No more waiting.