What is new?

For tax years beginning after 2019, the extensions of time to file tax returns for partnerships, certain corporations, and trusts and estates (other than bankruptcy estates) have changed. Form 7004 and the related instructions have been modified to reflect the changes.

Automatic 6-month extension.

The automatic extension period for time to file is generally 6 months. Exceptions apply for certain filers of Form 1041 and for C corporations with tax years ending June 30. An estate (other than a bankruptcy estate) and a trust filing Form 1041 are eligible for an automatic 5 1/2-month extension of time to file. Extension of time to file. C corporations with tax years ending June 30 are eligible for an automatic 7-month extension of time to file (6-month extension if filing Form 1120-POL).

Note: A corporation with a short tax year ending anytime in June is treated as if the short tax year ended on June 30. Termination of extension period. The IRS may terminate the automatic extension at any time by mailing a notice of termination to the entity or person that requested the extension. The notice will be mailed at least 10 days before the termination date given in the notice.

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