100% Customer Satisfaction - Reliable It is from the professionals and industry leaders who have rich experience in Tax domain and e-filing products.

ExtensionTax.com is certified and authorized by IRS as their e-file partner.

ExtensionTax.com is a user-friendly, simple to use online application. It can be accessed from any computers at any time with just internet connection.

ExtensionTax.com is a product of ThinkTrade Inc. ThinkTrade Inc. has been in the electronic tax filing industry for more than 3 years and it is one of the reliable companies in electronic tax filing industry. It also supports Excise Taxes at www.TaxExcise.com, which includes 3 tax forms

TaxExcise.com is the 1st online e-filing application for all these forms. ThinkTrade Inc. holds 100% customer satisfaction and provides 24/7 support.

Our vision is to make e-filing tax forms simple and available to all tax payers anytime anywhere.

Based on the experience learned from other tax products, ExtensionTax.com is built to give better online platform for the tax payers to file their extensions.

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